You are in a 100% secure space, for which reason, in compliance with the duty of information set forth in article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we hereby inform you of the following:

1.1. Identifying details of the data controller

As set out in Law 34/2002, of 11 June, on information society services and electronic commerce, I hereby inform you that:

Our company name is EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L., with Tax ID No. (CIF) B83633065 and registered address in Calle Laguna del Marquesado 14, Nave 13, 28021 Madrid, Spain.

The contact email address is [email protected] and our company activity is the offering of professional consultancy services in relation to IT and technological projects and the dissemination of information in relation to Information Technology through our blog.

1.2. Purpose of the website.

The sale of and provision of information on products and services related to Information Technology.

The supply of information on Information Technology in general through the blog.

To answer any questions or queries made by the USERS via email.

1.3. Users:

Access to and/or use of this website makes you a USER, which means that from said access and/or use, you accept these terms and conditions of use. However, simply using the website does not imply the start of any employment/commercial relationship.

1.4. Use of the website and capturing of information:

1.4.1 Use of the website

The website (hereinafter, “THE WEBSITE”) provides access to articles, information, services and data (hereinafter, the “content”) belonging to EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. The USER accepts responsibility for their use of the website.

The USER undertakes to make appropriate use of the content offered through the website and, for the purpose of illustration, this list not being exhaustive, not use this to:

(a) commit unlawful or illegal activities or any that go against good faith and public order;

(b) disseminate content or propaganda that is xenophobic, homophobic or pornographic in nature, supportive of terrorism or against human rights;

(c) cause damage to the hardware and software systems of the website, its service providers or third parties, or upload or spread computer viruses or any other physical or software system that might cause the aforementioned damage to the network;

(d) attempt to access and, if applicable, use the email accounts of other users and change or manipulate their messages.

EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. reserves the right to remove all comments and contributions that violate respect for personal dignity, are discriminatory, xenophobic, homophobic, pornographic, offensive to young people or children, go against public order or security or which, in its opinion, are not suitable for publication.

In any case, EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. shall not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through the blog or any other participation tools that may be created, as set out in the regulations in force.

In any case, EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. reserves the right to modify the appearance and configuration of both the website and this legal notice at any time and without the need for advance notice.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L., itself or as the assignee, is the holder of all the intellectual and industrial property rights to its website, as well as those of the elements contained therein (for example, images, sound, audio, video, software and texts, brand names or logos, colour combinations, structure and design, selection of materials used, computer programmes necessary for it to function, access and use, etc.), belonging to EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. or any of its licensors. All rights reserved.

Any use not authorised by EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. beforehand shall be considered a grave violation of the intellectual or industrial property rights of the author.

Any reproduction, distribution and public communication, including the making available of all or part of the content of this website for commercial purposes, in any format and through any technical means, without the authorisation of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. is expressly prohibited.

The USER undertakes to respect the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights belonging to EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. You will only be able to view the elements of the website without being able to print these, copy them or save them on the hard drive of your computer or on any other physical storage device. The USER must abstain from eliminating, altering, eluding or manipulating any protection device or security system that may be installed on the web pages of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L.shall not under any circumstances be liable for damages of any nature that may occur, for the purpose of illustration, this list not being exhaustive, due to errors or omissions in the content, due to a lack of availability of the website, -which will be periodically taken offline for technical maintenance- or due to the transmission of viruses or malware in the content, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid this.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. reserves the right to make any changes it may deem appropriate to its website without advance notice. Such changes may include the changing, removal or addition of both the content and services provided through the website and the way in which these are presented or their location within the website.


People or entities that wish to or directly include a hyperlink from a website of another Internet portal to the website of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. must meet the following conditions:

– No total or partial reproduction of any of the services or content of the website is permitted without prior express authorisation from EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L.

– No deep-links or IMG or image links, or frames with the website of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. shall be established without prior express authorisation.

– No false, inaccurate or incorrect statements shall be established regarding the website of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. or any of its services or content. Except for symbols that form part of the hyperlink, the website on which this is established shall not contain any brand name, commercial name, establishment sign, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. , unless expressly authorised by this party.

– The establishing of a hyperlink shall not imply the existence of a relationship between EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. and the owner of the website or portal on which this is made, nor knowledge or acceptance of the services and content offered on said website or portal by EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L.

– EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. shall not be liable for the content or services made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink is made, nor for the information and statements included on these.

The website of EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. may offer the user connections and links to other websites managed and controlled by third parties. Said links are solely for the purpose of facilitating users’ searches for information, content and services on the Internet, and must not under any circumstances be considered suggestions, recommendations or invitations to visit the corresponding websites.

EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. does not market, control, check beforehand, or take responsibility for the content, services, information and statements available on said websites.

EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. accepts no type of responsibility, not even indirect or subsidiary, for any damage of any type that could arise from access to, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, statements, products and services existing or offered on the websites not managed by EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. and which are accessible through EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the portal and/or services offered without the need for advance notice, at its own discretion or at the request of a third party, for users who breach these General Conditions of Use.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. shall follow up on all cases of non-compliance with these conditions as well as any inappropriate use of its website, exercising all civil and criminal action it may be entitled to by law.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. may modify the conditions established herein, duly published as they appear here, at any time. The conditions cited shall be valid for as long as they are displayed here and until modified by other duly published conditions.


EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. informs you that the company has complaint forms available to users and clients, who may send an email to [email protected] indicating their full name, the service or product acquired and giving the reasons for their complaint.

You can also address your complaint via post to: EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. in Calle Laguna del Marquesado, 14, nave 13, 28021, Madrid – Spain.


The relationship between EINZELNET SYSTEMS S.R.L. and the USER shall be governed by current Spanish legislation and any dispute shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, unless applicable Law should state otherwise.