Einzelnet and Wizzie Analytics reach a collaboration agreement to distribute data analytics solutions to their clients.

This agreement will allow Einzelnet to integrate Wizzie Analytics’ platform into its portfolio in real time. This solution, which is based on Big Data and Machine Learning, will provide clients with indispensable information to understand the behaviour of the end users, increasing the quality of the user experience and also reducing costs and increasing earnings.

Information has become one of the most important assets for companies. But we need to comprehend and understand this whirlwind of data to make it profitable. That’s why Einzelnet is constantly looking for solutions that can satisfy and adapt to this massive client demand to understand this information.

Wizzie Analytics is a expert Spanish company in Big Data and Machine Learning. It works on the development of solutions to store, process and display large quantities of data and all types of format, taken from any source in real time. Clients can apply their own business logic and improve their decision-making from a single platform.

Wizzie Data Platform (WDP) is an easy-to-use solution capable of processing terabytes of data from multiple sources and providing companies with valuable information to understand clients’ behaviour. This solution is designed for sectors that handle large volumes of data such as shopping centres, transport, waste management, environmental management to reduce CO2 levels and event management, amongst others.

Thanks to this collaboration, Einzelnet’s clients will have a solution that is easy to apply and capable of processing enormous amounts of information in real time, saving time, effort and costs.

Einzelnet’s extensive experience, in addition to a team of professionals who are experts in Big Data, make the company a well-renowned leader in sectors like those of public health and retail. Additionally, Einzelnet works with tailored solutions adapted to each of its clients, guaranteeing security in each of its projects.

The alliance will provide solutions for sectors that work with large quantities of information, digitalising and automating processes thanks to the combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and analytics.

Internet of Things (IoT), the use of digital twins and the use of services in the cloud are all marking the present of corporate growth.